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First Time Buyer Checklist

We know that buying your first property can be a daunting process, so here’s our top tips and checklist of documents needed for your first mortgage! 

Top Tips 

  1. Sign up to a credit agency and regularly check your score
  2. Ensure to pay all current credit commitments on time (loans, hire purchase etc) 
  3. Make sure you are registered on the electoral roll at your current residential address
  4. Contact a mortgage advisor prior to house hunting to establish a realistic purchase price
  5. Create a realistic monthly income and expenditure list (including bills, loans, socialising, food etc) and from there decide what you could spend on a mortgage payment each month
  6. You will need a minimum of a 5% deposit however the more you can save the better! 
  7. Explore local areas and decide which would be best for your lifestyle, work commute and circumstances

Checklist of Documents:

  1. Latest 3 months bank statements
  2. Proof of income (latest 3 months for employed or 2 years for self employed)
  3. Proof of deposit 
  4. ID
  5. Credit Report

If you are currently looking to purchase your first home and are looking for some guidance, contact us here in the office on 01745 520020! 

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